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Best Drip Irrigation Systems: Final Thoughts & FAQ

As we wrap things up, let’s recap everything about and answer some frequently asked questions.

Do I need anything else in addition to the systems above?

The above drip irrigation systems are some of the best you can buy, but none come with grow trays or net pots to hold your plants. You also need your own nutrient solution filled reservoir.

You can use these systems to provide your plants with the necessary nutrients and water after you’ve set them up in a grow tray containing net pots.

How often should I water?

The amount of watering also depends on the growing medium with moisture-retaining media such as coco coir doing well with shorter drip cycles, while those with low water-retaining properties requiring more frequent watering.

Are any of the above drip irrigation systems recirculating?

None are recirculating by nature, so you have to make modifications if you want to employ a recirculating system. You can do this by allowing the excess water to drip back in the reservoir by placing it directly below the grow tray, and then use the pump to recycle it. 

There you have it! A drip irrigation system can be more complicated to set up than other types of hydroponic systems, but they afford great control over water and nutrient delivery and can be used with plants of all sizes.

If you have any questions about the best drip irrigation systems for you, comment below.